About me, Liviu Bucel.

I initially worked in IT for several major brands. Then, as life would have it, a 'boy meets girl' story began. The story ended with a broken heart. But cardio fixes that: when your heart rate jumps to 130, your heart starts beating as strongly as before. Those weights you lift become the stones lifted from your heart. You heal, and exercise becomes a hobby. I've experienced firsthand how much movement can give you: confidence, health, energy, a smile, and work power. And I wanted so much to help as many people as possible feel this. So, I gave up everything before and embraced my mission 100%.

Don't get me wrong, I was happy. But I was even happier when I managed to make the people around me fall in love with exercise. Never at first sight, always gradually, as happens in stories with happy endings. "The happiest person is the one who makes the most people happy," X said, and I believe it because I did it: through counseling and diet advice, exercise, and motivation offered to you. I want to continue doing the same thing, with and for you, now in the IT field. Our special meeting place is the newsletter. Subscribe, and I'll send you workouts, menu suggestions, and lifestyle tips. We'll fall in love together again with healthy habits.

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